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    United States

    The United States of America is home to 50 states, ranging from blistering cold to scorching heat, with many stretches of desert and mountainous areas. The US is bordered north by Canada and south by Mexico. Current population of the US is 325.7 million.

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    The composition of Japan is a large network of a multitude of islands, the four biggest being: Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido, and Honshu. At least half of japan is composed of forests and mountainous regions and its political structure is divided into 47 prefectures and 8 regions. Japan experiences varied climate changes during the seasons and possesses a population of 126.8 million.

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    Canada lies between the North Pacific Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean, and is the second largest country globally. Canada is north of the US and possesses varied climates, from temperate (west coast) to subarctic (north). Northern Canada can collect snowfall for the majority of the year and is divided into 8 primary regions. The population is currently 36.71 million.

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    Europe faces Russia to the north east and Asia to the south east. A network of local islands and peninsulas determine the overall shape of Europe. The east is filled with hilly uplands and northern plains, while mountainous regions populate the sourthern regions. Europe has a population of 741.4 million.

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    South America

    South America borders North America from the south and has many regions with varying climates and flourishes with all sorts of wildlife. Within South America are huge spans of rain forests, dry and arid deserts, and the Amazon River basin that runs for miles. There are also highlands and high mountains in various regions. Population for South America is 422.5 million.

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    India's geography is a mixture of deserts, hills, plateaus, and snow-capped mountains. The peninsula that India is on stretches into the Indian Ocean. India shares borders with China, Nepal, Pakistan, and several other nations. India has a whopping Population of 1.339 billion!