Antique Travel Guide

"Marble Central of Panay"

Antique (pronounced an-TEE-keh) is an unassuming Western Visayas province that's just waiting to be discovered. If you're searching for quite shores, then Antique is for you. Charter a boat from Culasi to take you to hook-shaped Malalison Island. It's sparkling waters hug a powdery white-sand shore. Snorkel in Batabat Coral Reef, and you'll see a bunch of fish and aquatic animals. A local favorite is Malumpati Cold Spring, whose waters flow into the Bugang River. Get a cottage near the pool. This place is ideal for swimming and picnics.

Getting There

By Air:

Nearest airports to consider are located in Iloilo, Boracay(Caticlan, Aklan) and Kalibo, Aklan. Cebu Pacific, Air Asia and Philippine Airlines have regular flights to these destinations.

From Iloilo airport, you can take van to Molo terminal for P50. Buses and vans plying Iloilo-Caticlan, Iloilo-Culasi, or Iloilo-Libertad route can take you directly to Antique. From Caticlan, buses and vans plying the Iloilo via San Jose, Antique route are available in Caticlan Terminal.

By Land:

From Iloilo: Three big bus companies ply passengers to any point in the province and complemented by smaller buses that ply passengers through Iloilo San Jose route to any point of Antique. Travel time from Iloilo to San Jose takes 2.5 hours.

From Aklan: From Kalibo or Caticlan airports, big buses pass through, Pandan, Libertad, and Culasi to San Jose, the province's capital.

By Sea:

Seaport is found in the province Lipata, Culasi -catering to small inter-island vessels that ferry cargo and passengers to and from Caluya, Cuyo-Palawan, Romblon, Mindoro, and Manila.

By Land and Sea

You can travel by bus from Cubao or Pasay going to Padan. The bus will travel to Batangas Port, about 2 to 3 hours from Pasay, then the bus itself with the passengers will take a boat ride to Calapan (Mindoro), again about 2 to 3 hours. The passengers will have to go down from the bus while taking the boad ride. Arriving in Calapan, the bus will have to travel by land going to Roxas (Mindoro) about 2 to 3 hours as well. From Roxas, the bus will take another boat going to Caticlan (Aklan), travel time could take 4 hours. Arriving in Caticlan, the bus will travel by land to Antique and Iloilo via Padan.

Getting Around

Getting from one to another requires you a guide to ensure you're trekking along the right trail and to make sure the community will honor your presence. Charter a tricycle in which the driver will serve as tour guide in going around the province.

Let's go to Festival and Events

BINIRAYAN Festival (held every April 30 to May 2-Binirayan commemoratesthe landing of the ten Malay datus in Malandog, Hamtic, Antique in the middle of the 13th century to set up the first Malayan settlement or barangay this country.)